Bookmarks XII - the third step

Now the bookmarks need to be laminated to a thicker etching paper to make them strong enough for the important work of keeping your place in a book.

I use archival PVA and glue the printed Hosho to Somerset 300gsm, and a plain piece of Hosho to the back. The plain backing will be used by me to sign and number each bookmark, and the CFPR will be putting their stamp with website address as well.

This is a somewhat drawn out stage and requires planning to make sure I can get all 100 done before the deadline. Each sheet of 7 will take about a week to dry under weights.

See the previous bookmarks at the website of the Centre for Fine Print Research, University of the West of England, Bristol.

Bookmarks XII - the second step

The second lot of printing is now complete. I chose 5 leaves from the Mountain Ash tree (Eucalyptus regnans) that fell to the ground over summer. Each leaf is about 10 to 14cm long, and I cut the lino like a stamp, to make it easy for hand printing onto the orange sheets (7 per sheet).

Registration was a bit of a challenge, especially as each leaf is about 5cm wide, and the bookmarks will be trimmed to 6cm wide. I used a sheet of tracing paper with 7 bookmark-sized holes cut out, with the orange image edges clearly marked, then just stamped each leaf carefully within the shapes. 

The next stage will be to laminate and stiffen the sheets, as Hosho Hik paper is too thin for a bookmark.

Bookmarks XII - the first step

Printing at the Firestation Print Studio the other day, the first stage of a series of bookmarks.

I've made bookmarks before, from leftovers of my phase boxes, but these are being made for a project that I first heard about through Mavina Baker's blog.

The project is called Bookmarks XII and was begun by Sarah Bodman of the Centre for Fine Print Research at the University of the West of England in 2004. Each participating artist makes an edition of 100 bookmarks, they are exhibited around the world, as well as being available for the public to take. Each artist will receive a full set, and one set will also be archived by each venue, including the CFPR in Bristol.

This is the first stage of my bookmark. I'm re-using one of the lino blocks from a new large print, and using the leftover orange ink from my Seed of Doubt series. They are printed on Hosho Hik paper and I'll laminate them, as I do my phase box prints, onto Somerset etching paper 300gsm.

And before I cleaned up for the day, I tried one on Awagami Tengucho paper (9gsm), an experiment for another print I have in mind. Beautifully diaphanous and ethereal...

In other news: the 4th Sheffield Artist Book Prize catalogue is now on line. Here are my books; Shyness and Grosvenor Reserve, my collaborative book from Art Town. But have a look through the catalogue, it's a very inspirational document.

image: the block and print, the beginnings of my bookmark the fabric of life