Preparation for an Exhibition in August - Stephen McLaughlan Gallery with Bronwyn Rees

In August I am having an exhibition at Stephen McLaughlan Gallery with my friend, fellow printmaker and book artist Bronwyn Rees. The gallery is in the iconic Nicholas Building in Melbourne, famous for its many talented tenants. We are also pleased that our show will be included in the annual Nicholas Building Open Studio event, held over two evenings in late August.

My linocuts and artist books will include the Hallett Cove pieces I started while in Adelaide last year,  where I spent a few weeks printing at the Bittondi Printmakers Association, as well as further works based on the same landscape and themes.

I'm printing most of the pieces on Kozo tissue paper, some by hand and some on the press, but all with layers of translucent colour and fine lines. On the walls there will be fluttering unframed pieces as well as multi-layered framed works; on the 'book table' there will be codex style books with colourful layers of printed tissue to gently leaf through, as well as sculptural books with treasures quietly revealed.

Stay tuned for more news, and more little previews of the work in progress, including an exciting collaborative concertina book...

The image above is a detail of a new lino block, inked up and about to be printed, its pattern is based on the lines and shapes of Black Cliff at Hallett Cove. 

The Sketchbook Project World Tour - Book Released 5th May

I took part in the Sketchbook Project in 2010, a crowd-sourced library in Brooklyn that features over 33,000 artist books from all over the world.  On 5th May a book will be published about the project and the Brooklyn Art Library, where the collection is housed. It features spreads from over 300 of the sketchbooks and one of them is my Encyclopaedia of Forgetting.

It was an inspiring project to be part of, mostly because it's available to anyone...a wonderful all-inclusive art project.


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Manly Library Artist Book Award - The List of Acquisitions Announced

My unique state linocut artist book, The Collected Dead Letters Volume 2 (15.8 x 21cm), has been chosen as one of the nine acquired at the Manly Library Artist Book Award. The full list is below, congratulations everyone!

More photos below of some of the inserts, and there are more here in my previous post.

Manly Library Artist Book Award (click here for a slide show of all 92 entries)
24th March to 12th April

Manly Library
Market Place
Manly NSW 2095

The 2015 judges Helen Cole and Steven Miller opened the exhibition and announced the acquisitions; nine works were selected for purchase and inclusion in the permanent collection.

·         'Chance' by Helen Malone and Jack Oudyn | 2014 
·         'According to Plan' by Rob Kovitz | 2014
·         'The One Who Stopped' by Caren Florance | 2014 
·         'Country' by Bronwyn Rees | 2014 
·         'The Book of Asylum' by Bernard Appassamy | 2013 
·         'Collected Dead Letters, Volume 2' by Elizabeth Banfield | 2014 
·         'A Journey from One Reality to Another' by Mark Wingrave | 2014 
·         'Living Water: the river hid, logbook, codex' by Annique Goldenberg | 2014 
·         'Assimilated Museum' by Deanna Hitti | 2015